PlusTrac AED Programme Management

Making sure your AEDs are ready to use is a difficult job, but the solution is simple—PlusTrac AED . This interactive, online AED programme management system makes it easy to ensure that your AEDs are ready, compliant, and properly supported. ZOLL’s InspectAED™ mobile app even lets you record routine maintenance checks with an iPhone or Android smart phone.

Whether you have a thousand AEDs—or just one—PlusTrac simplifies AED programme management. Even if you have AEDs from several manufacturers, PlusTrac can help you manage them all. You can also use PlusTrac to monitor the training dates of volunteer responders and track your pad and battery expiration. It will also notify you of any manufactures’ updates.

Not sure where to start? That’s simple too—just fill out the form to request more information, and let PlusTrac take care of the rest.

Are Your AEDs Ready and Compliant?

Here are some important questions for anyone managing AEDs:
• Are you certain every one of your AEDs is ready and will work in an emergency?
• Do you know the current self-test status of every AED in your program?
• Are you checking AED status regularly?
• Do you know when to replace the pads and batteries for each of your AEDs?
• Are you tracking the responders assigned to your AEDs?
• Do you know when your responders will need re-training to maintain their rescue skills?
• Can you quickly and accurately review the current status of all your AEDs and trained responders?
Having trouble answering these questions? If so, a formal, online AED management program built with ZOLL’s PlusTrac AED could make your life a lot easier.

Where to Start?

Every AED program manager wants to do everything possible to guarantee the best chance of saving a life. But that’s not easy if all you have is a pencil and a piece of paper—or even a computer and a spreadsheet.

Where do you start? How do you set up your program? How do you make sure to monitor the program once it’s in place when you already have so much else to do?